Wuhan Linear Cymbal 15 Inch


15 inch Wuhan Linear pentagonal shaped 5 sided effects cymbal. Wuhan's Linear effects cymbals feature a patented five-sided design for a unique and colorful effect that fits in any style of music. Wuhan Linear effects cymbals also create great "white noise" sounds when paired with a slightly larger Wuhan China cymbal. The 11" Wuhan Linear is the smallest, quickest and brightest of the series.

Each Wuhan Linear cymbal is cast from high quality B20 alloy then carefully hand hammered and lathed before receiving a striking brilliant finish. At these prices, most cymbals are made from cheap sheet material, but the Wuhan Linear cymbals are cast from the same B20 alloy used in many of today's high end cymbals. You will not find better quality or nicer sounding cymbals at this price level.